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Do you have walk-in hours?

We do not have walk in hours. Please contact us first to schedule an appointment at least 24 hours prior. Email is always preffered or use our online booking system. 

Our contact info is as follows:


How much is my work going to cost?

The firearm must be brought in for an in-person examination before we can provide and estimate. Every job is different and there are many variables to take into account that we just cannot do over the phone. For repair work shipped to us we can typically provide a range the job will fall into, but that price will not be final until the job is complete. 

How long will my work take?
Current lead times are about two to twelve weeks from when it hits the door step. Wood work will often take longer (finishes have to dry). If you happen to have something come in when we are already doing a batch of other guns, it may be quicker. This is especially true with bluing. 

How do you handle shipping and billing for work not dropped off in person? 
Please email me with a tracking # and leave a note in the box with what you want done with your name, a physical return adress (not a PO box or UPS store), phone number, email. Due to the complexities in quoting most jobs I will call you at the end and run your credit card over the phone or email an invoice and a link to my card payment processor (clearnet). You will get billed when the work is done. For security reasons please do not include any credit card info in the box or email. If you are old fashioned you can mail me a cashiers check or money order. But, given you are reading this you probably have a debit or credit card. 


How long do I have to pay my bill? 

We require payment in full within two weeks of initial notification (please see our Terms Of Service/Store Polices for more details).  Unfortunately we have extremely limited storage space and need to keep things moving through the shop. No work will be released without full payment. 

Can you ship my gun back to me directly?
 As long as it is legal in your jurisdiction we will do so, but require an adult signature. If it is not, we will ship to an FFL of your choice (looking at you California).  However, shippers (ups and fedex) may not insure your claim if you do not ship to an FFL. 

How should I pack my gun?

Please ship in a hard case, it costs more but shippers are apparently 300 lb gorillas and you probably want your gun back in one piece. See the usual suspect forums (i.e. gunboards, castboolit forum etc) for shipping damage and snapped stocks. The extra few bucks saves us both stress and frustration. 

Do you offer any discounts?

At this time the only discounts we offer are for volume.

Why are you charging me for tools if you are in the business of using them? 

Many one-off jobs require a custom cutter or fixture that has no other use, except for that job that will probably never get done again.  This is standard practice practice for 'job shops' (specality repair and one off centric machine shops). 

Why does my bill include ammunition consumed?

Almost universally all firearms are test fired prior to return. If a firearm cannot be test fired for whatever reason (not provided complete, for example) it will be returned with a red 'unsafe to fire' tag and it will be noted on the bill that we were unable to verify safe function. If we discover a saftey issue (for example an out of headspace condition ) and you decline the repair, the firearm will be returned disassembled or rendered permanently inoperable.  


What firearms won't you work on? 

We do not work on rimfires of any type.

This is an alarmingly long section, but I can assure you there are an alarming number of questionable guns out there. Please note, this list is not all inclusvie and we reserve the right to refuse work for any reason. Many of these guns we refuse on the grounds that the repairs we do will cost more than replacement. Others are beacause they are borderline pipe bombs even when new or have no parts support and manufacturing new parts is cost ineffective. 


Any firearm that comes in with animal or human body fluids and materials will be refused.


Iver johnson revolvers 

American bulldog revolvers

Break top revolvers of all types

Jimenez and all associated brands

Any pot metal or zinc alloy frame handgun regardless of make or model

No-name brand Turkish import handguns

Any handgun that uses the firing pin as an ejector

Cheap Semi auto 22lrs 

Cheap semi auto 25/380 autos 


Turkish import semi auto, SxS, O/U, and pump action firearms (excluding Stoeger)

Damascus barrel firearms (excluding the faux etched patterns, but if in doubt we say no. many of those guns had minimal safety factors when they were brand new). 

Cheap rusty single shot shotguns

The vast majority of semi auto mag fed shotguns (excluding Saiga and Vepr)


No name import or most single shot 22s

IO inc, pioneer and century US made AK platforms (other brands are accepted, including century imports). 

We do not modify stock triggers or aftermarket ones. We will install aftermarket triggers at our sole discretion. 

Will you reload my spent brass?

No. We do not reload spent brass or load custom ammunition. 

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