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 We offer a wide array of gunsmmithing services from firearm transfers, sight installation, stripped screw removal, general repair, stock repair & refinishing, stock checkering, parts kits builds, rebarreling, pistolsmithing, and much more. Additionally, we offer a wide array of specialty machine work for other applications beyond firearms, including industrial equipment repair. Contact us today and we will be happy to help you out with whatever projects you may have. Just beacase the service is not listed on our site, does not mean we do not do it. 

Our Shop Labor rate is $70 per hour with a $50 minimum labor charge effective 1/1/2023.  Machine time is billed at $80 per hour. A 100% non refundable deposit on barrels or stocks will be required before work is begun if they need to be ordered. We work to a strict quality standard and charge accordingly. 

In person estimates only with appointments. We do not and will not estimate jobs over the phone. 


Effective 1/1/2023 there is a $20 non refundable charge per in person estimate on each individual firearm. This goes towards the final bill and will be subratracted from the total charge.  

Our Current lead times are two to six weeks based on current availability of parts & materials, this is subject to change. 

Firearm Transfers are $35 per firearm

Effective 6/1/2023 We will no longer accept transfers from the general public. We will continue to do transfers for existing customers. 

For firearms transfers please provide 48 hour notice prior to the expected delivery date, our FFL is on file with many online retailers or you can copy the image from our website to send to a dealer of your choice. 

ffl for website.jpg

A cross section of our work


Kalashnikov work

We can do the vast majority of work for Kalashnikov pattern rifles, including barrel poplulation, barrel shorteing and threading, trunion swaps, mag catch swaps and others


Refinishing Services

We offer wood and metal refinishing. We do cerakoting and wood refinishing as well. 


Scope and sight work

We can mount and boresight scopes as well as trouble shoot why they wont zero. The above picture is an older rifle with a mis-drilled hole pattern that required shimming to bring the bases into aligngment.


AR -15 and AR-10 Work

We can do anything required for almost any AR pattern rifle, excluding propritary ones that no longer have parts support. 


Barrel work

Barrel jobs are tyipically quoted on a case by case basis. Barrel threading typically starts around $150 and will go up based on the work required.


Other Firearms Machine work

Other Machine work is quoted on a case by case basis. We can, if nesscary, make or modify parts in house for obselete guns without any parts support.  

Speciality Machine Work


Precision Grinding

We are well equipped to tackle various repairs to not just firearms. 

Between the full size knee mill, lathe, floor standing drill press, and grinders we can handle most repair jobs that will fit through the door.

With our pair of 6x12 surface grinders we can provide value added machine services, for both repair and reproduction. 

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