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Moose's Custom Rifles

Moose’s Gunsmithing Custom Rifle offerings are intended to provide a unique rifle at a fair price and in a convenient manner. By streamlining our ordering options and building on your (customer supplied) action we can offer a competitive offering to other bespoke offerings. All work is made to order and subject to extended (six to twelve month) lead times.  


With prices starting at $2250 (replace barrel, hot tank blued, hand cut 20 LPI checkering, claro walnut stock) we can offer a superb rifle at reasonable cost.  Starting with a quality action, we can fit and furnish a custom barrel and stock based on customer needs and desires. We begin our process by replacing the barrel and fittings a fresh one in the customers desired caliber ( chosen caliber must fit in the supplied action). We continue the processstripping the receiver and bluing to a deep, semi gloss finish. Our standard prices apply to either Douglas or Shilen (customer choice) standard grade carbon steel barrels.


Both barrel manufacturers, Douglas and Shilen, have proven track records and excellent quality. We have no strong preferences and have found all name brand barrel manufacturs to produce excellent quality tubes. Match barrels and custom chamberings (such as tight neck or ackley improved chambers) are priced upon request. 

Our rifles come standard with a typical point pattern checkering and a mullered border. Two line borders can be substituted upon request at no additional cost. We use an alkyd varnish for our base finish (semi gloss). It gives an appearance similar to that of a rubbed oil finish and increased durability but with the depth of character in the wood obscured slightly. Upon request a hand rubbed oil finish can be applied (this does extend lead time and increase cost). For hunters we recomend a varnish finish over oil for durability reasons. We can also use an alkanet dyed oil finish for those who desire. 

Some of our commonly long action calibers chosen calibers are 30-06, 7x57, 257 Roberts, 6.5x55 swede, 270 winchester, and 35 Whelen. Short action calibers (standard bolt face) often chosen are 243 winchester, 260 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm-08 Remington, and 358 Winchester.  We are working on a suprising number of 'mini' actions in both .223 remington/5.56 nato, 300 blackout, and 7.62x39. These calibers are especially fun for those who want an inexpensive to shoot, but bespoke range toy. 

The below list of options represents the most requested selections by customers. However, it does not represent all potential alterations that can be made to a custom rifle that is made just for you. Things such as skeleton grip caps, skeleton butt caps, custom inlays, etc. 

Prices listed in this page do not represent standard labor rates for services. Prices vary based on a multitude of factors and all work outside of the scope of this page is priced on a case by case basis. Selecting certain custom options will extend lead times. Prices are subject to change without warning. All prices assume no mechanical defects that require remedy prior to use of customer supplied action. 


All work is subject to Moose’s Gunsmithing terms of service. Return shipments of firearms for out of state customers will be shipped to an FFL of the customers choice. Customers within driving distance can pick up their firearms at our physical location in Canaan, NH. 

Rifle Options and Prices

Customer supplied actions will only be accepted on a case by case basis after in person inspection.

Lead times are six to twelve months. may be subject to change. In the rare event lead time extends past 12 months a 10% discount will be applied to your final payment (does not apply if the hand rubbed oil finish option is selected). 


A 50% non refundable deposit is due at time of ordering. No checks accepted for final payments. 

Modern style-straight comb, small cheek piece. A classic look with modern ergonomics. Our most popular selection. 


Classical style-straight comb reminisent of interwar sporting rifles. Ideal for use with iron sights. 


Monte Carlo-comb tapering towards grip, larger cheek piece. Sleek curving style, a shop favorite. 


Alterations can be made to these basic shapes at a nominal cost. Fully custom stocks can be made, at additional cost for those who want something truly unique. 


Wood options


A grade claro

Starting at $2250

AA grade Claro

add $200 to base price

AAA grade Claro

Add $300 to base price

A grade English Walnut

Add $125 to base price

AA grade English Walnut

Add $300 to base price

AAA English Walnut

add $500 to base price

A Grade Maple

add $125 to base price

AA grade maple

add $300 to base price

AAA grade maple

add $450 to base price

all woods can have feather/crotch grain specified at additional price & lead time 


rosewood forend and grip cap standard-select 45 or 90* cut

90* cut add $65

add ebony forend and grip cap


custom length of pull between 12 1/2 and 15 inches (standard 13 3/4)


round forearm


the standard recoil pad is 1' pachmayr pad. Black basket weave or other thickness/color pads available

Price varies

custom steel or brass butt plate or grip cap (including skeletonized)

priced upon request

Upgrade to inletted sling swivels over stud


Custom inlays

Priced upon request

Checkering is a standard two line or mullered border at 20 lines per inch. other patterns or spacing available upon request at additional cost, such as full wrap, fleur de lis or skip line patterns

Priced upon request

Standard wood finish is a semi gloss varnish. Hand rubbed oil finish or use of alkanet died finishes also available. This option extends lead time. 

speciality finishes Starting at $350

Truly custom stocks are priced on a case by case basis.

Metal Options

Use factory barrel on customer supplied action-subtract $450 from base price. 

Standard blue is a semi gloss polish. Upgrade to a high gloss (blueing of steel trigger guard included)


Custom bolt knob to replace factory one (threaded or sweated on)

$100+part cost

Jewel bolt or floor plate

$175 each

Bolt body and cocking shroud are blued standard. Can be left in the white or parts polished at no additional cost


Rust blue action upgrade (steel trigger guards rust blued at no additional cost)


Threaded barrels may come standard on some rifles. If not, barrels can be threaded. Thread pitch based on muzzle diameter


custom iron sights

Varies, typically $200-$300 for installation plus parts

Aftermarket trigger guard/bottom metal (i.e. detachable mags of replace aluminum trigger guard and floor plate with steel) steel trigger guards have limited availability for the howa/weatherby short action rifles

Parts cost+time to fit if required

other options available that are not listed will be priced on a case by case basis

m76 group at 100.jpg

A six shot group from one of our rifles at 100 yards


A weatherby Mk V Left hand re-stocked in english walnut. 

A fleshed out build series on how we make out custom rifles is coming soon.  We will have a brief overview of each step in a series of short form video series posted here. 

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